Sunday, June 23, 2013

Neo-gothic brunch gear

Sometimes, you find things that you simply didn't realize were missing from your life. For me, at the flea market this weekend, it was this waffle iron - now, i should say that i'm primarily a pancake girl, though i like me a nice fluffy Belgian waffle on occasion - but this was not just any waffle iron.

Fleur-de-lys and elaborate little crosses to hold all the butter and syrup (or fruit compote and whipped cream, if you go that way...)? This takes decadent brunching to a new level.

It's not marked except for the size, but i've found a couple examples with the same design that seem to be linked to a Philadelphia manufacturer, and my knee-jerk guess is that this one is probably on the order of a hundred years old. Obviously, it's desperately in need of some care and feeding, but there's nothing badly wrong that a bit of elbow grease and a lot of time, heat, and oil won't fix.


vintage eye said...

Wicked cool!

Fripperie said...

It is. Worth all the work it'll take to get it into shape, and all the chicken snacks that are likely to come of the early attempts to actually cook with the thing - reading up on it, it sounds like the seasoning has to be perfect and there's still a bit of a knack to it...