Saturday, June 8, 2013

A rare bird

Yes, it's a finished project! Actually, it was finished months ago, while i was visiting my sister and didn't have a camera handy... it's that play mat i made for my friend's kiddo, although it's the little sister of said kiddo who's actually sacked out on it here:

Apparently, it's quite popular all around, and when it's not occupied by one or the other of the kids, the cats are trying to stake their claim to it. The front (except for the border) is made entirely from a batch of receiving blankets i nabbed at a thrift store, and the "batting" is an old wool blanket. Probably the most expensive part was the backing, which i made out of a denim with tiny olive green pinstripes - i knew i wanted something tough, with a nice, tight twill weave, so the bottom would brush off easily. Everything that went into the project was picked out specifically to be highly washable and breathable...

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