Friday, May 25, 2012

Gearing up...

I'm really, really trying to carve out time (yeah, bad pun, i know...) to get some new designs ready for printing: i've got a little show scheduled for the fall, and in order to fill up the space and rotate things a bit during the exhibit, i'll need some new blocks.

Here's one i'm working on, from a photo that appeared here last summer:

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Art music

I attended or worked at various Scout camps for i-could-not-tell-you-how-many years, and i developed a truly exhaustive repertoire of camp songs. But this gem, culled from a songbook i got from my very favorite flea market vendor (hey, he specializes in vintage books and sewing machines), was unknown to me:

(to the tune of "Auld Land Syne")

On mules we find two legs behind,
     and two we find before,
We stand behind before we find
     what the two behind be for.
When we're behind the two behind
     we find what these be for,
So stand before the two behind,
     behind the two before.

Word play, mules, and the music of Burns songs - what could possibly be better?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

When in Lindsborg...

Lindsborg, Kansas is a town more or less right in the middle of Kansas, with a population of 3,458... and a bit of a Dala Horse obsession.  It's a college town, so though it's in the middle of lots of farmland, has more than you might expect in the way of coffeehouses, art galleries, museums, and so forth.  And its latest addition to the downtown is a little boutique of hand-crafted and vintage goodies, called "Sarahendepity," after owner Sarah Ash.

Sarah's filled her shop with antique and vintage treasures gathered for her Etsy shops, and has also set up her studio there, so you can watch while she makes her etched and embossed metal jewelry.  In addition to the jewelry, you'll find vintage toys, typewriters (Sarah's a typewriter maven), a bit of Edwardian clothing, and, yes, block prints from PressingNeeds...

 I sent a big box of framed prints to Kansas for the shop opening, and there will be more designs headed there soon.

If you visit that part of the world, drop in and have a look - you can find info, check hours, and see more photos here.  You'll be sure to find something lovely for yourself or a friend - it's a delightfully eclectic selection of items, and a fun place to wander through!

(Yep, that's my fiddle print on the wall over the bicycle...)