Sunday, April 24, 2016

Big round numbers

Though her birthday is necessarily somewhat approximate - she was born in the Fire Department herd that runs on Assateague Island - my Chincoteague pony mare turned 30 this spring. It's a respectable age for any equine, so i took a few quick photos to mark the occasion. (They're all a little dark, because she doesn't much fancy the flash, and it seemed mean to blind her with it while she was still enjoying her birthday peppermints...)

She's a pretty girl, through a bit ragged in the spring as she's shedding out her truly prodigious winter coat - you can see patches of longer hair peeking out under her forelock (always the hardest place to get shed out), while the coppery palomino patches are starting to show through on the rest of her body.

And as further evidence of the luxuriant quantity of her winter coat, here's a picture of what i took off her with a curry before taking her picture: