Monday, September 24, 2012


I went down to Glen Echo yesterday, to dance at Contrastock - three bands, friends onstage and off, lots of exercise, and fabulous tunes - and i planned to come back with lots of brilliant photos of the dancing. Turns out, i still haven't got the knack of shooting high-energy dancing in the odd lighting of the Spanish Ballroom, and the photos were pretty uniformly dreadful.

So instead, you get to see the photos i took of the 1921 Dentzel Carousel at the park. This is a swell carousel in its own right, but gets a few bonus points from me because it reminds me just a little of my favorite carousel in the world, the (even bigger and more grandiose) 1910 Dentzel at Seaside Heights.

I confess, i've ridden the Glen Echo carousel in full formal dress - at least once, at the expense of a snagged stocking - they will sometimes open it for special events like the springtime Strauss Ball. It's a little less of a challenge when i make it out there for one of the regular Sunday afternoon waltzes, but that's (alas!) a pretty rare occurrence these days.

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