Thursday, September 20, 2012

A tiny bit of settling in

Amidst all the upheaval of new ventures and major housecleaning-and-reoganization projects, i managed a small but satisfying bit of overdue settling in: i finally hung one of my great-grandfather's paintings.  I have quite a few of them by now: the first was an engagement gift, years ago, and then more followed as my parents and my grandmother moved to smaller places.  I haven't got loads of wall space, so it can be tricky finding a good spot to hang something.  (It's a cruel irony that i've gotten into visual art myself now, and have even more demand for wall space...)

They're not brilliant, but good, and some of them are quite charming.  A few, at least, are copies of other works - i've come across at least one print in an antique shop, of what must have been the painting he copied - but others i know are original.  This one is one of my favorites: the still life in the niche is all well and good, but what makes it delightful is the miniature landscape glimpsed through the knot hole.

When i've got that area a little more sorted out, i'll have Grandma's sewing machine cabinet under that painting, which will pick up the colors nicely, and just seems fitting, given how much she adored her father.

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