Friday, July 27, 2012


Finally finished that pesky lino block, with the image of Hellion melting in the windowsill... it gave me the opportunity to learn all sorts of things, to wit:

  • The only transfer method that had any effect whatever was washing the scanned-and-printed sketch with white vinegar. But even then, grey linoleum doesn't show lines worth a darn.
  • The bit about heating the linoleum to make it easier to cut? Works like a charm.
  • I really, really like vintage lino cutters.
  • Inking the lino is quite a bit different than the soft rubber blocks.
  • It doesn't like the same sort of paper, either - wants something much softer in order to get a good impression. I switched to a mulberry/bamboo paper in the end.
And the finished product, framed up with what was around the house, mostly:

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