Wednesday, April 4, 2012

You had your chance

Really, most of the patterns go to the shop.  I've got a goodly stash already, largely vintage, so unless it's something with some funky design detail that appeals to me, i'll check it out and list it.  But every now and again, i find that one i've listed causes pangs of regret.  And just occasionally, when one of those listings expires, i decide it's a sign, and it doesn't get renewed but joins the stash instead.  This was one of those patterns:

There's nothing really exotic about the construction on this one, so i didn't really think about pulling it out at first, but i found that i kept going back and looking at it.  It's an Anne Adams issue with a 1957 postmark on the mailing envelope.  It's also very nearly my size (and a cut with a bit of design ease, so i might be able to get off without having to do serious grading).  It's got no pockets, but with a basic four-gore skirt like that it wouldn't be a major hassle to add on-seam pockets.  I'm thinking of making it up in the fabric that you can see behind the sewing machine in this post.

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