Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Meet the menagerie

Not the furry ones - you've seen most of those.  Time to start on the sewing machines.

This is Grandma's old Kenmore Rotary machine, made, according to the model number, in 1948.  (Now, Grandma told me it was the machine she bought in about 1939, with the wages from her first job, but my guess it that this must have replaced that original machine - maybe an upgrade, since by then she had baby clothes to sew...)

It's not as pretty with gold decals and such as some of the old Singers and other machines i've got, but it's sure solid!  The only thing i really dislike about it is that the corners of the base are quite sharp - rather prickly when toting it up and down the stairs to take photos, for instance... shouldn't matter much in the real world, as i've also got the cabinet for the machine, which has pretty fluted legs, for all it's been painted an unusual streaked green.  I quite like the color actually - it was the same treatment that had been applied to the dresser and the desk as well, in the room i stayed in during the summers.  Now, i just have to find a place i can fit the cabinet, so i can give it a good test drive, and see to any care and feeding it needs!


vintage eye said...

What a wonderful machine & a nice way to always have Grandma close. :)

Fripperie said...

True - this is the only one of my machines that's been passed down in the family. And actually, i guess it wasn't exactly passed down in the usual sense: Grandma was going to leave it behind when she moved back north, and i wouldn't let her do it, so by a somewhat convoluted route it ended up at my house.