Thursday, December 1, 2011

The quest picks up steam

I'd been keeping an eye out for a potential successor to my beloved but increasingly battered bright yellow enamel tea kettle.  In a casual sort of way, you know, to see if the thrift gods would smile again.  But now, the cats have knocked it off the counter and broken the handle and chipped most of the enamel off the spout.  It's done for (and they're lucky to still be wearing their own skins right about now...).

So, i need to replace it.  The criteria are these:

  • No cutesy designs
  • Wide enough lid for easy cleaning
  • It must not make noise. No whistles. This is not negotiable.
  • Leading contenders for material are enamel or copper.
  • I'm on a budget.  Well, actually, i don't even have a budget for this, so i'll be scraping it together out of some other planned expenditure. It wasn't supposed to get busted. So forget all those ones that are priced for rich people who want decor pieces.
  • It can't be too nasty to actually use. Dings and "character" are fine, as i am, after all, looking for a vintage one.

Judging will be entirely subjective.  I tend to leave my teapot on the stove most of the time, so i want one that makes me happy when i look at it.  Have a candidate? Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments...


Denise said...

I have this one. I don't think it whistles.


Fripperie said...

Thanks for chiming in! I remember spotting that one, i think when i was putting together a Treasury or something... but i think i'm after one that's a little plainer (or maybe that just feels less seasonal), though.