Friday, October 7, 2011

Society pages

For your amusement, a little glimpse into the manners of an earlier time: a social page note about a party given by my grandmother, long before she got to the "Grandma" stage...

Miss Jewel Zuber of 91 Mountainview road is having a week-end house party at her parents summer home at Metedeconk.  Her guests include Harriet Pratt, Peggy MacKenzie, Lew Lasser, Vincent Kane and Sam Lightholder of Millburn, Lucile Matteson of Short Hills and Paul Jacobus of Irvington, Boating, swimming, dancing, acquaplaning and picnicking will provide the week-ends entertainment. Mr. and Mrs. Zuber will chaperone the party.

You can see the whole June 9, 1939 issue of the paper here.  Though the family no longer appears in the society pages - indeed, the local papers around here no longer have anything that would even pass for a society page - i take some perverse comfort from the text (faithfully transcribed above), and the knowledge that the copy-editing then was no better than what i see now.

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