Sunday, November 1, 2009


I like to dance. A lot. Enthusiastically, and in full skirts (if it doesn't have a four-yard hem, why bother?)... so i end up wearing something underneath, usually bike shorts. Bike shorts are unsatisfactory for a number of reasons. They rarely stay put, and it's hard to find them in natural fibers, that last being really essential for dancing, because it gets hot in a hurry, no matter the season or the weather. (Yes, i've tried the allegedly-wicking synthetics; no luck - still feels like wearing petrochemicals.)

So i'm adapting an old pants pattern - huzzah for 25-cent patterns at the thrift store, cheap enough to slice and dice! - to make something that's kind of a quick-and-dirty version of an Edwardian set of drawers. Decided to skip the shaped waistband and try a drawstring, at least for the experimental phase... and i got the first prototype pulled off the back burner and cut out tonight.

I have to make sure the tinkering i've done to the pattern doesn't do anything really funky to the assembly process, and suspect that part ought to wait until i've had some sleep. I don't want another Norlund hood d├ębacle (i'll tell that sad tale of woe in another post...). Hope to soon have pictures and reports on field-testing.

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