Thursday, February 23, 2012

More mason jars

Of all the quart mason jars i've got, there's one style that's my favorite: the old "Strong Shoulder" Atlas jars.  I have several, with at least two versions of the mold - the lettering is much more squared on one type.  A friend with more reference books to work with than i've got (sigh - more books to add to the wish list...) dated one jar i've got to about 1915, and i've seen pictures of an Atlas brochure from the 1930s that features this type of jar, so i know they're at least that old.

So when i went to cut a block of a mason jar, i knew just which one to go for.  Here's the end result:

(If you need one for your kitchen, you can find it at PressingNeeds...)


vintage eye said...

A perfect gift for the canning enthusiast...especially if that happens to be you! :)

Fripperie said...

Thanks - i do think this print would be adorable in a kitchen! (If i do say so myself...)