Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Now that it's the off season for the local flea market, i'm catching up on posting some of last season's finds...

When we stopped in one weekend, this was the very first thing i saw:

It's what's known as a "puzzle box" - and is the way the early Singer sewing machine attachments were packaged.  (I submit that plastic blister packs aren't one of the things that argue in favor of the progress of civilization: i'd much rather have something like this any day...)

I pounced.  I picked it up.  It rattled in a promising fashion.  I opened it to find a jumble of attachments, all shoved in, not clipped in their places.  I asked how much.  She asked for an offer.  I parted with three whole dollars, and left with the box.  I refrained from skipping, considering it to be poor form until well out of sight.

I still have to figure out which attachments actually came with the box, which came from elsewhere, and which are missing - plainly, some of the foot hemmers have wandered.

I'll be curious to see if some of the attachments fit my Elgin treadle machine.  And to figure out which bits are supposed to fit where in the box.

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