Tuesday, November 1, 2011

That kind of day

1. Hunt for photo corners to mount print to mat.
2. Knock down pile of vintage patterns waiting to be listed. Swear.
3. Pick up patterns.
4. Look for photo corners, discover potential stock for new vintage shop.
5. Bag vintage goodies (so they can all be lost together), watch picture hanging hardware and neckties reserved for a sewing project slide from basket to floor. Swear again.
6. Re-fold ties, return to basket.
7. Discover missing remote for CD player (okay, it's not all bad).
8. Discover box of photo corners (things are definitely looking up...).
9. Knock down patterns again. Swear profusely.
10. Find box. Put patterns in box.
11. Pull out frames and mats to pick a good combo, discover that black frame - just purchased - has a ding.  Swear.
12. Reach for Sharpie for quick-and-dirty touch-up.
13. Sharpie is missing.  Mutter.  Hunt for Sharpie.
14. Give up in disgust, decide to use brown frame instead.
15. Put away black frame.
16. Pick up papers to pull out a different mat. Find Sharpie. Swear.

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