Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Grandma wasn't what you'd call a shy violet, and some of her jewelry tended toward the... dramatic.

But some pieces are more sweet and traditional, like this charm bracelet.  Her father made it for her - he was a jewelry designer and diamond setter by trade - when she was a teenager, and she in turn gave it to me:
Disclaimer: my photography here really doesn't catch the detail etched in the charms... even the links in the chain are etched, every other one.  Also, fair warning, if you try calling me "Suzy" i will not answer politely.  Grandma got away with it, but she was the only one.


art deco dame said...

that is a lovely charm bracelet

Fripperie said...

Thank you! I wish Grandma had told me more about what each of the charms meant... she adored her father, and i'm lucky to have couple of the pieces that he made especially for her.