Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Coming attractions

A quick peek at a few highlights from the batch of patterns i'm getting ready to list at Fripperie:

Sometimes the art is half the fun - e.g., the ubiquitous tobacco use on the men's pattern - and sometimes it's pure retro fashion fabulousness.  Are those not just about the cutest maternity tops you've ever seen?  The 1942 housecoat from Advance makes housework seem oh-so-glamorous!  And that '60s dress with the raglan sleeves... i can imagine my mother having sewn that one (the lines are similar to dresses she made that eventually ended up in my closet).

[Don't ask me why Blogger is doing random things with the spacing of the photos... i fought with it for hours, and this was the best i could get it to do.  Guess i need to learn to be more comfortable with editing the HTML; maybe then i can bend it to my will...]

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