Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Consolation prize

I stopped in at one of my pet thrift shops yesterday, hunting for a replacement coffeepot for the coffeemaker. No luck on that front, so (tragically) i'll have to visit other thrift shops.  But i did find this lace:
It's a Chantilly-type galloon lace, in a light beige-tinged rose color, five inches wide, and according to the tag (i admit, i haven't unrolled it all the way yet), there's a total of five yards in two pieces.  It's also a cut-apart lace, so if you split it along the wavy line between the motifs on each side, you'll have twice the yardage in a shaped edging lace.  It's a nicer quality than i expected at first (it was rolled up and tied face in), and it cost me all of 50 cents.

I'm thinking it needs to be applied to a vintage slip, perhaps a variant on this pretty 1940s Advance pattern from my stash:

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