Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Reasons to be thankful for Facebook

My aunt is getting ready to move to a smaller apartment, and more or less out of the blue, i got a Facebook message from her, saying she knew i liked vintage stuff, and would i like all her old gloves?  Well, i lost no time in saying please and thank you, and she shipped off two big boxes, full of gloves, linens from my grandmother's house, and doll clothes made by my great-grandmother.  I haven't properly sorted it all, but i think i found my favorite item: a pair of deep burgundy gloves in what feels like the lightest doeskin.  They're marked "Saks & Company" and though they're somewhat worn on the fingertips, they're just my size.
 And, of course, Boomer wanted to help model:


vintage eye said...

I think Boomer wants a pair of gloves! ;)

Fripperie said...

Makes you wonder... being a longhair, would he get glove-paw (sort of a corollary to hat-head)?