Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hatching plans

I got this 1959-ish pattern in some lot or other, but it's a bit mangy.  It's also missing the pattern pieces for the pants.

The back of the envelope is in even worse shape than the front.  I decided, in the end, that it was a little too rough to list.  But i think the nightgown is cute, so i'm diverting it to my own pattern stash.  Happily, it's pretty close to my size, and a design that'll have a lot of ease, so i may get off easy in the grading department.

I just got a bolt of bleached muslin in a box lot (20-odd yards, counting folds) which should suit, and i think i'll do the contrast bias trim they show on View 2 (the polka dot one - click on the photo to see the detail).  I've got the most darling vintage cotton bias tape in a tiny, tiny green gingham, and i've been looking for an excuse to use it.  If i've got enough, i'll use it in place of ribbon for the ties, too.


vintage eye said...

That will be adorable! You should sell that instead!

Fripperie said...

Thanks! But - true confession time - i like the design part much better than the actual sewing part, so i tend not to sew for hire or to sell, just for myself and folks i really, really like...