Monday, February 22, 2010

Pondering the Proper Plural of "Peplum"

I am, let it be known, a sucker for a peplum. Probably from the time i was a girl, and there was one of those tiny little illustrations beside the definition for "peplum" in the Webster's Collegiate Dictionary i borrowed from my father when doing my homework... (i am also one of those folks who can get lost reading a dictionary like a novel, which is probably why i remember stumbling across "peplum," instead of some more likely vocabulary word).

I just though it looked so cool, and was dismayed that they didn't crop up on the clothes i saw around me. Now, i know that this problem can be solved through the wonder of vintage patterns. A few photos for your inspiration, all from 1940s patterns:

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Requisite Snow Post

I think everyone in the Mid-Atlantic is required to do one today, so here 'tis. We've got somewhere in the neighborhood of two and a half feet of snow here, in a region that doesn't deal well with more than, say, four inches...

That's the chicken coop. There are no actual fowl visible, because they're all in the doorway of the chickenhouse, making disparaging comments about the weather. My chickens are not fans of snow.
The cats, on the other hand, are. As long as they can come in and sleep by the woodstove, after...